A Story In The Moth


I have a short story, “Sweet” in the Spring 2013 issue of The Moth, an Ireland-based print magazine.

Here’s the first paragraph…

They say that if you dream of the one you long for on a night when you have kept four lotus petals under your pillow, your love has not gone unreciprocated. In the French Quarter I see them, all pale formality and long-stemmed leaning, and smile remembering this. I have no use for the sad dignity of lotuses, not here. Tonight, in the other city, I will sleep alone for the first time in weeks, but this is how it works: while I am here, this is all there is. Nothing exists beyond the periphery of desire.

You can purchase the magazine here.

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  1. well how do we define a person? a person is merely an idea, a memory and eventually the idea of a memory is what that remains.i know its an uncommon way of addressing anyone, but it sure is a start.by the way that was a compliment

  2. I would highly appreciated if you could say something more about those four petals of Lotus.Is this a metaphor/myth or some kind of a ”ritual”? This what is written above nurture me and also in another blog you have posted a comment regarding Lucifer ,let me quote ” Lucifer as the Beloved of God, who fell from grace due to an impossible love.” What impossible love is this regarded to? I have so much to say that I end in chaos up in my head.I love your blog and would love to hear from you regarding my questions.I know I wouldn’t be able to find anyone else that I could trust and rely on their wisdom,therefore I’m looking forward to hear from you soon!!
    And pardon my english :)

    Peace & Love to you!

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