A Poem In Muse India


Happy new year, everyone! Here’s a poem from the early post-Witchcraft period, two years ago. It’s called “Mahabalipuram” and you can read it in Muse India. I was a bit surprised to find it in the new issue of the magazine, because I had received neither an acceptance nor rejection note when I submitted it, which obviously isn’t standard protocol. Strange.

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  1. Nice Poem, thoroughly enjoyed imaging the verses.
    Yes, even international journals have stopped acknowledging the submissions these days. There is thrill in it, too. Sometimes, we get to know about the outcome only a month or so after the edition is out after a curious search.
    Wishing you Happy New Year.

  2. Thank you, Ramesh, and apologies for this much-delayed reply.

    I’m curious about what international journals have stopped notifying the sender of acceptance too…? It’s extremely unprofessional for any journal to do so, above all because the work is not their property – it is the property of the author’s, and even if the rights are being sold over there must be a formal exchange. I suppose it can be thrilling for some, but I am personally quite disappointed in journals which choose to treat authors and their work this way.

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