Feature in Ritz Magazine


I’m in the December 2010 issue of Chennai’s Ritz magazine, as part of a feature which also includes Kuttirevathi, K. Ramesh and Tishani Doshi.

Click the image below to check out the article (it becomes legible once you double click). I should note that the name of my novel in progress is wrong (why do many journalists get it wrong? It’s not Stars, it’s not Czars, it’s not SARS. It is Scars.) But you already knew that. :)

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  1. I just read your article ‘the afterlife, the aftermath’ in ‘killing the Buddha’. As someone who has recently moved back to India to create a life here, the visuals are brilliant and nearly every event is succinctly commented upon, something I relate to since I tend to do it in my own head these days. I especially see that relating a spiritual experience is so personal, that belief doesn’t even come into writing. It is a personal decision you allow your readers to make or not. Now I will get around to reading that long list of ‘the venus flytrap’ articles, a much more profitable use of my time than finishing the ever increasing work piling around me!

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