Readings in Singapore


Because I’m just a genius that way, I went and practically double-booked myself for two readings on Friday May 21, genuinely thinking (until I pulled the two confirming emails up side by side) that one was on Friday and the other on Saturday. Some apologetic phone calls later, I managed to buy myself a half hour to dash to the other end of town, or rather, country. This should be interesting!

I had a wonderful time in Darwin at the Wordstorm Festival of Australasian Writing, and am taking a few days’ transit in my favourite city – Singapore. So, for the first time since December 2007, when I was here for the Singapore Writers’ Festival, I’ve got a couple of events scheduled for May 21:

4pm (sharp!) – A reading at FOST Gallery, 65 Kim Yam Road. RSVP Clarissa Cortes at or on 6836 2661.
5.30pm – A reading and discussion with Heartlands Book Club at Bukit Batok Public Library, West Mall. RSVP Kweh Soon Huat at

Please note that RSVPs are required for both events. I will have copies of Witchcraft and lipstick, and at least for the Library event, an even breathier voice than usual thanks to all that running between venues!

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  1. oh..nice.. but unfortunately, i will be Singapore not before july. may be next time..

  2. I found your blog quite serendipitously because I love your poetry! I write poetry too but they are not as mature or sophisticated as yours. Wish you were visiting this part of the world (Toronto) for readings.

  3. Lipstick?

    I have three different explanations, but I’ll let you go first.

  4. I wish I was there, Sharanya. I will be closer to India soon (Middle East, rather than Toronto), but will not be able to see you.

    I’m hoping for next summer.


  5. Yuva – Thanks.

    Sanchari – Thank you! I am happy to read wherever I am invited (if it’s sponsored or if I can afford it). So it all depends on if I get an invitation from Canada.

    Barath – You will see when you get the book!

    Katia – Thanks, and hope to see you sooner than later!

  6. More the pity that writers like you are little or unknown in this part of the world. I will satisfy myself through your blog and books until I get to hear you in person.

  7. Thanks again, Sanchari. Do you already have a copy of Witchcraft? If you don’t, and are interested, drop me a mail and I’ll tell you how you can purchase it.

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