Poems in Drunken Boat


I have two poems in the tenth anniversary issue of Drunken Boat. They are both new works, from this year, and you can find them here. The one I prefer is “Mirrors”; I see both being in the book I am working on now, Bulletproof Offering.

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  1. i prefer ‘a minute thing’; although ‘mirrors’ is more wide-reaching in scope and the mix of personal and public is quite well accomplished, i like the atmosphere of foreboding intimacy in the former, aptly summed up in the last line, for there is nothing more ‘frightening as love’.

  2. Wow!! I prefer the first one…I could almost imagine myself in such a room, trying to name the feelings settling on my skin.

    The imagery of the second one was beautiful and rich. The ajji’s warning, a gem!

    You write beautifully! Will be pouring through your archives :)

    Oh, and the audio touch? NICE!!

  3. I preferred A Minute Thing but hey, I’ll take them all! Maybe you’ll sign book 2 for me at Amethyst again? :)

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