It’s Still The Witching Hour


I had such fun being live on air with Chennai Live 104.8FM’s Jane Jeyakumar this afternoon that I wished I’d announced it earlier! Hope some of you caught me there. Here are a few more media snippets on me/the book. Rumjhum Biswas talks about the launch, Vaibhav Vats writes an article based on an interview he did last month, and Verve magazine runs a feature in their March issue – with a never before published poem.

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  1. Ok, I am a bad person (but you love me anyway) but I *have* to ask you this: it appears, from everyone’s accounts and from personal experience, that you autograph copies of your book with (also) a kiss.

    Here’s my question: after a reading, when there’s a long line waiting for their copies to be signed, how many pens do you have to hand and how many lipsticks? Which one runs out first?

  2. Space Bar – I’ll let you know for sure when I’m accosted by a really long line. I’ll have to admit that I carry lipstick, but not pens (bad writer, bad bad writer!).

  3. Great going!!. There is no greater joy than going live on Radio..And interestingly I had my experience too with a Chennailive interview.

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