It’s My Party And I’ll Wear Copper Sulphate Blue If I Want To…


Pictorial evidence, as requested in the last post’s comments:

Chennai, March 13 2009

Chennai, March 13 2009

Pix: Dilip Muralidaran.

Also, I wanted to add that Eric Miller pulled a surprise that ended the event with a twist, (thankfully – in lieu of a q+a session) by reading a poem written during the launch. Here it is, reproduced with permission:

“Poem for Sharanya”

On the occasion of her reading from, and launch of, her collection of poems, Witchcraft, at the Park Hotel, Chennai, 13 March 2009.

Goddess priestess, witch, poet.
What is this public persona you are weaving?
Will you shake the city?
Will you melt it?
All the world disappears
and is reborn
in the words,
the ideas
you inspire.
Yes, bring down the moon,
and let us all discover where to put it.

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  1. you have put on some weight,since i saw you last(or first,they are the same) and it makes you look great. and i just love that dress!
    that ‘blue hand’ next to you suggests not everyone else stuck to the code,too?

  2. but this pic is nicer than those that appeared in express and hindu and the poem(atleast the first three-four lines,altho to my eyes you appear a very,very happy little girl,but then i don’t know you well) better than both the articles(shonali was my colleague and i know very well how much she cares for poetry.)

  3. Thanks :) And Abhimanyu, to be honest the articles that have appeared on blogs have both made far more sense and been better-written than the newspaper ones thus far. Will be linking to more over the next few days.

  4. you are welcome!of course, journalism has its strange ways and often,good articles get ruined due to moronic editing;we know that…will look out for the other posts…i liked OJ’s post a lot.
    that reminds me,can i find Witch Craft in Delhi?

  5. Woohoo, blue!
    I commented on your facebook about this. I love the colours on you.
    I was even browsing through all of the photos on my laptop last night and one in particular stood out: you sitting in the sand, a vibrant fuschia scarf illuminated against your dusk skin and highlighted by the setting sun’s light. That’s quite the poetic compliment, mais non?

  6. hi sharanya,i am from Mexico,but right now staying in India,i saw an article of yours in the verve magazine,and from there i started reading what u write, your words very spontaneous but at the same time deep is something captivating, good luck girl!

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