You know, I really think the world would be a better place if we were all hermaphrodites. Maybe then we wouldn’t be so quick to pick up or put down the arms we bear. Maybe then we wouldn’t always — it seems — be picking the most malapropos moments for either action.

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  1. hmmm… If we all were hermaphrodites then may be what we fight & how we fight will change but still we will fight..because we are humans.

  2. Yuva — I didn’t say it would be a perfect place. Just, better. Or maybe not.

    Abhimanyu — No, no… (But I did once write a column on penis envy – “At The Mercy Of Her Bite” – see the TVF archives). Just thinking about men, about women.

  3. oh! and read the piece. cool. edith piaf smoked cigars. i loved the way she did it. did you see her biopic film?

  4. I do believe the world would be a slightly better place if all of us are hermaphrodites. No mysoginy. No heterosexualism. No talk on stronger sexes. No rape. Everyone will have sexually everything that everybody else have. There will be no complaints.

  5. “the hermaphrodite was a distinct sex in form as well as in name ,with the characteristics of both male and female…(this) sex which was both male and female came from the moon…”

    when this sex became too dangerous to the gods, Zeus, “cut the members of the human race in half…with man’s original body having been thus cut in two,each half yearned for the (other) half”.

    “whenever the lover of boys – or any other person for that matter – has the good fortune to encounter his own actual other half,affection and kinship and love combined in him an emotion which is quite overwhelming,and such a pair practically refuse ever to be separated even for a moment. it is people like these who form lifelong partnerships”

    just thought will share this with you,of course you know where it is from…

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