Slow Surfacing


The truth is, I have been back in Chennai, back from the Sangam House residency, for over a week. And it’s staggering to realise just how short the experience actually was, in perspective. Suffice to say that I still have the red soil of Adishakti tinting my slippers. I have never in my life been to a place that lived up to its name more than Adishakti* does.

* primordial energy

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  1. Is that really a poem?

    By the way please check ur spam folder for the possibility of my mail being locked in wrongly!!!

  2. Hi,

    I got to you by Googling “Adishakti”. I had visited Adishakti about 4 years ago and would appreciate help / pointers on contacting Veenapani Chawla.

    I am a theater lover in the Washingto, DD, USA area. I would like to call on Ms. Chawla and present her a DVD of a play I directed, called “Everyone Loves a Good Tsunami”. I am looking forward to a closer association with Adishakti as well as theatre groups in Pondy and Chennai upon my retirement in 4 years or so.

    Warm regards and thanks in advance for any help you care to give me,


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