Cute Puppy, How To Draw A Puppy, Cute Puppy Pictures!


Hi! It’s difficult not to notice when three dozen searches for those terms wind up on my blog in one week.

So here you go, people.

Cute puppy/Cute puppy pictures — In abundance (I recommend the second link).

How to draw a puppy —Tada!

Hope that helps! :)

And a little sweetie in case you insist that my blog’s the place to get your puppy fix.

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  1. Thank you, all you puppy-searching people! Sharanya, that ball of fluff makes me want one–and I’m allergic to dog and cat fur! :(

  2. ok i admitt he is cute but i asked for a drawing not a picture!!!! although it is precious!!! =D

  3. I just want to know how to draw the picture. please.the pic is very adorable.

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