Something happened that leaves the book stuck. There is no longer any funding. The book budget, and with it, some elements of the production process, have disappeared. Literally, overnight.

What this means is that I do not know when my book will be published.

And that is okay.

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  1. Ok Darling. Just relax, and don’t panic. You sound calm. So stay calm.
    I have never met you but I have followed your beautiful presence for as long as I know it was out there in the world. And I am very sorry for this event, whetaver the reason. But you know there is so much praise for you in the world.
    Why don’t you publish it yourself? Raise money from fans? There are alot of people waiting for this book. Don’t be a tease! :-)
    San, you need money to publish a book. You need a budget.

  2. Sharanya,

    I had a weird dream a few days ago: I saw a printed copy of your book, but inside it were advertisments, like in our school year book. I wonder what that means…

    this book will be published. i just now it


  3. Keep the faith, dear. One stumbling block does not a whole book unmake. I love how you are strong about it (“And that is okay.”); it’ll carry you through till the book is finally published.


    *BIG HUG*

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