Man Twitters Out Of Jail


I’m not on Twitter because my life is way too hyper-connected as is. And because I am an egoistical artist type prone to enjoying shocking people (though not on this prim little blog), I would be totally addicted to inflicting the minutiae of my fabulous life on everyone who declares themselves curious.

So I don’t.

But here’s one hell of a reason to. Someone owes the Twitter folks a drink or fifty.

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  1. I love Twitter, because I have more half-baked mini-thoughts than I do full fledged ones, and it’s so convenient to have a place to stash them all.

    I read that story on Gawker. Quite amazing.

  2. I thought it was a more dramatic story involving the judge seeing his story on Twitter, and being moved, and ordering his release…

    Man, I’m watching too many movies!

  3. Right. Maybe I should Twitter too, considering how many illegal getting-up-to’s I’ve been involved with of late. Consider it an investment… :P

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