Online Now: My Reading at One World Cafe


I’m very happy to share that a specially-commissioned recording of twelve poems from my forthcoming book, Witchcraft, is up at Her Circle‘s One World Cafe Reading Series, as a feature for the month of April. Her Circle is an international website focusing on arts and activism by women. Do check out the whole website and archives — there’s some awesome work there.

I’m absolutely thrilled that it is up, with an introduction by the poet Kimberly L. Becker that’s going to have me smile to myself for the next couple of days. You can take a listen here.

Special thanks to Misty Ericson of Her Circle, and of course, my friend the sound engineer, Anand Krishnamoorthi of Prasad Studios.

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  1. I’m one of your many fans who have only heard about your magical presence on stage. So this was a treat, thank you. Lovely to hear the same tracklist used in Ochre As the Earth. Best wishes.

  2. Glen — Thank you! The poems were not the same ones I read at Ochre As The Earth last year, but because I was very certain then that the show would keep evolving, I like that Her Circle put it that way. :)

  3. poem‘ is probably the poem that has had the most profound effect on me, and for reasons i can’t comprehend.

    i could listen to you read over and over again but i wouldn’t want to stain my pants now, would i?

  4. Sudheesh — Don’t be silly! :P Thank YOU!

    Brnvn — For reasons you can’t comprehend? Oh honey, you leave the door wide open for sexless jokes the same way I leave the door wide open for big ass ones. Truce, then. :P
    And tq… *Huggles*

  5. hey there dear, how are you doing? anyway love ur reading…very nice and yes you are a true poet that speaks with words that are subtle yet piercing to the soul…you take care then….see ya…

  6. Your voice is one that should be made audible to all the world, but at the same time, is one that should be heard in privacy. It’s a powerful, sexy, sexy voice…

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