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I don’t have a scanner, and I apologise for the clunky thing above. Please click on the image to take you to the file’s page, then click on the image again. Then, zoom in to read. Sorry!

For a change, am pleased with this print article that appeared in today’s The New Indian Express, in the City Express (Chennai) supplement. There’s a write-up on Poetry on the Pier, an interview focused on my feminism, and one of my poems.

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  1. SB — Hey, thanks! Couldn’t find it online. Oh well — the image is readable, if anyone cares to.

    Rustic appeal… :) But not a bad term actually, because it really is an abandoned pier and forgotten part of the city et al.

    I met these sweet little interns when they wanted to talk feminism with me, and invited them to the poetry event. They mentioned they might write something, but was very surprised to see such a nice all-round write-up today.

  2. “Under the influence”. Hmm! Well, Miss M, you usually are, aren’t you? ;)

    Lovely poem.

  3. I really enjoyed reading the article – thanks so much for sending me the link & good luck in your performance!

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