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  1. Eww. Seriously, has India Today dropped that low that they hire reporters who don’t do their research. “Constellation” is mentioned everywhere on the internet that is related to you.

  2. See, that’s why I don’t do interviews AT ALL.

    (Um, the fact that I’m not important enough to be interviewed is a different story)

  3. Ranya, I have to say you were right. That photographer is either really terrible at their job or has some serious grudge against you.

    The interview is not so bad other than the spelling mistake, you know.

  4. Well… What to do? Last thing I am is a media darling: plenty of evidence on that count too. The interview itself went pretty well, I thought, aside from the glaring error in the book title. The quotes and all are relevant, although of course I wish more mention had been made of the book that is going to print shortly and not the one that may never see the light of day. Never met the photog prior to our shoot (yeah, there was actually a shoot, which culminated in that pic, ahem) so if she had a problem with me it was a — excuse the pun — snap judgement. Heh.

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