Poetry On The Pier

For more on the location, please see here. We’ll coordinate a meet-up point in the city from which to head out to the beach. Please get in touch so we have some idea of how many people to expect. And feel free to forward!
This is a small, indie event, open-mic style (but without a mic). This is not a workshop or a slam. Bring poems, and an open mind and open heart.
Update: Please click on the flyer for date and time details! Thought this was obvious, but I guess it wasn’t. :)

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  1. sharanya

    we met during ur poetry read at landmark – :-) poetry on the pier sounds interesting but unable to get the dates and very unfamiliar with the place – but loop me in – interested.


  2. Just something I’m so much looking forward to. Could you pls mail me the dates and time? I really want be there

  3. Poetry On the Pier

    I cannot resist you should know that
    the rust of those iron bridges is tantalizing
    I have never seen this north of the Marina
    hugging the sea we drive along with stone boulders
    and shanties created even before the Tsunami
    columns of safeguard and man made protection
    against the thrashing elements. Lashing blue blue sea.

    At last we come upon a river
    that tapers its mouth on the left hand side
    it seems , a river thirsts for the salt of the ocean
    clear picturesqe boats restive
    and here we alight
    I cannot make it, not above those sand dunes
    my slippers get buried in the sand
    I cannot climb this little pyramid.

    Thrusting my poem
    a fond one for a friend written years ago
    I re-live the masculine and feminine forces of the sea
    I journey back with the words of my precious poem
    a link between that sea at Tutucorin and Chennapattinam
    no cross of palm leaf gets washed ashore here
    what is not seen is more fascinating
    than the tabloid of pictures
    there would be no poetry then
    if I cannot imagine this much
    the shore where the poems were read
    and devoured by the breeze.
    taken up and above halfway as
    the sun came down and received them
    before he had had his evening bath.

    Sivakami Velliangiri

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