Kitab 2008 in Mumbai This Weekend


I have been wanting desperately to announce that I will be doing the opening event of this year’s Kitab Festival ever since I was asked to!

The schedule on the website is subject to update. All events are free and open to the public except for the nightly parties.

Me, me, me time: I am on at 11am, Friday February 22nd, at the Asiatic Library. Will be reading poems and fielding questions from the audience.

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  1. You know, dear, I miss your live performances… There’s really nothing else like it. And it must be so rewarding to know someone else was inspired enough by your work to create new work from it (sees previous post on “Selamat Datang” by Ugo Untoro / “How To Eat A Wolf”).

    I wonder how it is for you now, in India… Nothing I read here captures it for me sharper, painfully clearer than your Facebook post on Marriage (you know the one I mean).

    Now I wish I wasn’t so busy (still am) with work when you were around in KL; we could have had so many lost conversations together.

    I hardly know you, my friend, but I miss you.


  2. Michael — I most certainly will not be blogging about the parties, but writing about them, yes. ;)

    Kenny — Thanks dear… All the participants had artists interpret their work. I can’t speak for all of them, but maybe as the youngest (and festival virgin), I was just floored. Jerome had a really sexy one done after his work too — ask him.

    I am doing much better now than I did all of last year. Not much stress, I have a good job, and so on. There are other things, of course, and for obvious reasons I don’t blog about them. But you know where to find me. :)

    SB — Thanks! I completely missed that! Stay is sorted, will message you later.

  3. by now, you must be pretty bored of all the congratulations that u get.


    and i went thru ur poem on the recipe for making the perfect wolf kurma.

    all i cud do was read it.

  4. Hi…
    Thanks for the info..
    Last week i tried to find the schedule…participating procedure..could not find it…gave up and almost forgot..
    just to check out my luck…again googled…lucky me got the info from your blog..

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