I fell into one of the blessings in my life, journalism, by accident six years ago. It happened nine months after high school, a period in which I did nothing but dance, write, co-edit a special edition of a poetry zine, attend readings and other randomly boho things of little satisfaction to the many wing-clippers around me, one of whom took me to several university fairs. Nothing came out of the fairs themselves; I would make a decision about college a few months later, motivated by entirely different developments. But it so happened that there was a booth at one of them run by the youth supplement of a national newspaper. The office was near my house, it would give me a great opportunity to get out of the house most frequently, and oh, I could write. So I joined them. One thing led to another and before I knew it, although I would carry on with some academic vocation or another, college slowly became redundant.

Today, under similarly serendipitious circumstances, I joined an ad agency as a copywriter. I hadn’t wanted the job even when I agreed to meet with them. But something made me go, and something made me decide to do it.

I looked up “copywriting” on the net for kicks. Was surprised and glad to see that I join enviable ranks. All of these fine writers were one-time copywriters too: Salman Rushdie, Peter Carey, Ogden Nash, Indra Sinha, Fay Weldon, Don DeLillo, Joseph Heller and F. Scott Fitzgerald. There’s some trivia for today. :)

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  1. Good luck Sharanya! Welcome to the world of advertising… for better or for worse.

  2. also kiran nagarkar, arun kolatkar, satyajit ray (he is a writer as well).

    pretty good company, but don’t sell your soul to it!

  3. Chandrachoodan to that list? ;)

    Shottojit Ray was a junior visualiser/graphic designer. Not writer.
    Though, the man could write.

    And oh, Indra Sinha is brilliant. So is a guy called Bob Levenson. And Neil French. And, um, a million others.

  4. Ravages — Am sure many future lists will contain that name too ;)

    Ray was a writer… Not only a screenwriter, but also one of fiction (Indigo, the Feluda books, and others), and non-fiction prose too if I’m not mistaken.

  5. Almost shy to say it but I started out in KL as a copywriter too… reading ‘That Hideous Strength’ by C.S. Lewis was the last straw. I quit within months!

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