From Chennai To Madras


A few weeks ago, I joined Chandrachoodan and a small crew of people armed with cameras on the first Chennai Photowalk. Ambling from Chennai as we know it to Madras as it was, to paraphrase how Chandrachoodan put it recently, the photowalk covered locations including the Armenian Church, St Mary’s Church, an uncharacteristically deserted couple of train stations and Mylapore.







And a few I found on my father’s hard drive, from when I visited my folks in February. I recall taking several more I liked, but can’t seem to find the rest of the pictures.



The pics don’t enlarge even when you click them, something I realised only a moment ago. Saved them at 148×111 pixels because of the WordPress space limit. Get in touch if you want, for some reason, to see larger versions.

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  1. Hey Sharanya im new and i just seen u pic and its really kewl gudluck chuk ,ye u just take the pic r is tat ur collection ,take care Adiossssssssssssssss

  2. Hey, beautiful photos..did you use a digital camera or a classic shutter one?
    I really need a digital camera, I am saving up for one. How much was your camera? The cheapest brand new I can find costs 1000 ringgit.
    Chennai looks beautiful, it seems to be a people and place stuck in time. Manila seems so contemporary in contrast…but the Filipino countryside has some of the most jaw dropping natural landscapes I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

  3. Indran — Thanks!

    Ravages — Please upload, your pix are wonderful!

    Syar — How do you do that? Must latch on. :)

    Regan — Erm, thanks!

    Michael — Digital. I demand instant gratification! :) I do edit the colours and so on, though.

    Where are you buying your camera from? If it’s in KL, go to Low Yat Plaza. I bought a 7.1 megapixel Canon there for RM650, in August. You have to look around for the bargains though.

    Chennai is a surprising city. Certainly is stuck in a certain time and mentality most of the time but once in awhile, she sticks a foot out to trip you up. And then you turn around and see she’s in leopard print thigh-highs.

  4. lol @ the last line. Brilliant and succinct as well. As you spend more time in the city, the once in a while gets more often, more frequent.

    As a friend who once said “this city. it grows. on you. around you. everywhere.”

  5. …. is it Madras to Chennai or vice versa !!
    the city just keeps adding shades of all flavours in the right proportions …..

  6. Ravages — *grin*

    Ram N — Earlier this year I settled on Chennai. Then I moved back here, and realised: no, Madras. It matters, but it doesn’t, doesn’t it?

  7. even the colors of the city seem different..Malaysia and the Philippines are both tropical you are exposed to the same colours: lots of brown, green and the occasional blue. India..the colours are different..its a different land and I admit, now I’m intrigued. Could I visit you next year?

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