Poetry With Prakriti Readings


Since mid-month, I’ve finally been given a glimpse of a Chennai that bears some resemblance to the lifestyle I used to lead before I moved here three months ago, thanks to the Prakriti Foundation’s ambitious Poetry With Prakriti Festival.

There are only a few days left of the festival, but for the full schedule of what you can still catch, go here. The website may not have the latest schedule, so it’s best to double check by getting in touch with Prakriti Foundation.

My readings are scheduled as follows, although the website has it differently:

Dec 25 – 11 am – Apparao Galleries

Dec 25 – 6pm – Landmark Nungambakkam

Dec 26 – 6pm – Landmark Spencer’s

Dec 27 – 11am – Distil, Taj Connemara

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  1. hey good luck with them. doesn’t sound like some people are having fun, but it can’t be uniformly bad. Would love to know what you think.

    And see you soon!


  2. Space Bar — Yeah, there have been teething problems, certainly. But big kudos to PF for taking the risk nonetheless. At the very least, it allows writers to network, and hopefully will spur further projects. See you this week, then!

  3. Hey dear… Glad to see you with your new space! I’ve updated the links on my bookmarks page accordingly… Hope all is well with ya… *hugs*

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