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The First Two Chapters


I received some wonderful news today — I have been accepted into a writers’ residency, where I intend to work on my novel, Constellation of Scars.

I recently linked to Ghoti Magazine’s publication of the first chapter, and since then I’ve wanted to post up more.

This is especially for Syar, who wrote to say that reading that excerpt was “like tasting mango ice-cream for the first time”. Thank you. :)

The first two chapters are up on a separate page, which you can see at the top of the blog.

Constellation of Scars — The First Chapter Published In Ghoti


The first chapter of my novel-in-progress, Constellation of Scars, is available in the summer 2008 issue of Ghoti Magazine.

I recently realised the glaring grammatical error in the first line which, because it still worked on an instinctual level, escaped me for years. All my life I will remember this…

The novel is far from over. I have worked on it in some form or the other for about seven years, but in the form it is in now for about three years. There’s much left to go.