“Kitschy Cool”, Said TOI

Versions of this article ran back in March in three of Times of India‘s Chennai supplements. They weren’t available online, and I’m not very good when it comes to collecting or archiving press clippings, but I was given a copy at some point, and I’ve only just managed to scan it up. Here’s the version that ran on the front page of Times of T Nagar. To read, please click to enlarge.

My Take On The Praise Song

Abhimanyu Singh interviewed me recently on my thoughts on Elizabeth Alexander’s inauguration poem for President Obama for The Hindu (Metroplus – Hyderabad).  I thought his questions were good, and it’s always a relief to be interviewed intelligently, so I’m glad he’s posted up the original transcript here.

In Today’s The New Indian Express


I don’t have a scanner, and I apologise for the clunky thing above. Please click on the image to take you to the file’s page, then click on the image again. Then, zoom in to read. Sorry!

For a change, am pleased with this print article that appeared in today’s The New Indian Express, in the City Express (Chennai) supplement. There’s a write-up on Poetry on the Pier, an interview focused on my feminism, and one of my poems.